Lunchtime Oasis
David Wong
As the end of my lunch hour approaches, I know that I have barely scratched the surface, and tomorrow I will barely scratch it again.
Raven reviews
Allie Nance
She stayed close and we continued to watch her for a while, enjoying this urban bird that we were seeing with entirely new eyes.
Backyard Falcon
Jim McCool
I had never seen a Peregrine so close.
Authentic thorn: no fear
Laetitia Desmons
So many contrasts at one moment in time
A Day By The River
Dasni De Silva
I conclude my walk by the river, feeling refreshed in body and in mind, thankful for the lessons learnt in silence.
Kookaburras At Sunrise
By John Martin
The first thing I notice is a gang of kookaburras sitting on the powerlines. I think to myself: are they going to have a laugh?
A good old Aussie Butterfly
Danielle Corrie
Taking in the sounds of the rainbow lorikeets high up in the gum trees, a black butterfly with white tipped wings and a dot of red at its rear captivates my attention.
A Murder of Crows
Erin Roger
Overhead were probably 50 crows perched on telephone wires. Like the crow on the ground, they were quiet.